Restaurant and Catering Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Commercial kitchens are a hectic place for chefs, cooks and staff during a busy service. Everybody is focused on food preparation, cooking duties and plating meals within stringent deadlines.

While your team are frantically working away has anyone taken the time to inspect the appliances that you depend on? The last thing a head chef needs to be worried about is complaints about catering equipment maintenance and then having to organised restaurant equipment repairs on the go.

There are, unfortunately, situations when a fault with equipment can jeopardize the efficiency of your kitchen. These inefficiencies can cost restaurants, hotels and venues a lot of money. Issues compound when meals are served late and the quality of the food is compromised. Preparation time can also be wasted if products are not stored at recommended temperatures.
Rather than scramble your busy workers when kitchen appliances fail, let Clem Tech come to the rescue.

Practical, Timely Solutions for Electrical and Gas Appliances

We provide a range of services to accommodate the needs of professional caterers and commercial kitchens.

  • Maintenance
    Planned maintenance is ideal for pre-empting issues before they significantly impact your business operations. Your staff and your customers will appreciate a well-maintained and efficient commercial kitchen.Call us today to learn more.
  • Repairs
    Sometimes you do not realize that you are in need of restaurant equipment repairs until something breaks down. We offer a prompt 24-hour call-out service. If you require urgent assistance call now.
  • Installation
    In addition to providing maintenance and repairs we also install anything from restaurant dishwashers and Rational combi ovens to deep fryers and bratt pans. For more information, consult with our installation team.

Take Care of your Kitchen

Call Clem Tech for all of your catering equipment maintenance needs.

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